Cooking with Edible Wasatch

i15-cvr-thumbOne of my favorite local publications, actually one of my favorite publications period, is a little magazine called Edible Wasatch. This seasonal magazine is packed full of bios and stories about local farmers, restaurants, chefs and producers. The best part of the magazine though, is the local recipes. 

Every time a new issue of Edible Wasatch hits the shelves I rush over to my local cafe and snatch my copy up and head right home to get cooking. The recipes featured are always exciting and easy and accessible for all to make. The directions are never complicated but the end result is always something fantastic.

The first recipe I tried was the mackerel pate and as luck would have it,  I had been holding on to a can of fancy mackerel for months just waiting for the perfect recipe to inspire me to crack it open.  I truly wish I would have ordered more cans of this little fish because the spread was  amazing.  I substituted aiolo where  it called for creme fraiche and added just a pinch of cayenne for a little kick.

The second recipe I tested was polenta with meatballs and tart cherries. I was planning on making something using the last of my ground turkey for dinner so I substituted the pork in this recipe for that and the cherries with the cranberries I had on hand. I had never used fruit in my meatballs before and the added sweetness was so delightful. On their own, each dish is lovely but together the polenta and meatballs really make something special .

Head over to to find these recipes and more. I will be trying out their kombucha cocktails this weekend from their feature ‘The mother of all cocktails’, how cute!

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Happy Family Review & Giveaway


I love making all of my families food from scratch at home but when it comes to baby food I don’t always have the time to whip up some puree for the babe. Once the little one got the hang of the basics like avocado, mashed banana and mashed yams I wanted to let her try some more adventurous treats. It is so very important to me that my babies food be REAL, pure , healthy and organic so when I found Happy Family I was excited to not only see it was GMO free and organic but that it contained  a great variety of fruits and veggies and even superfoods like chia and quinoa.

Happy Family brands has everything from baby foods and snacks to smoothies for us adults and everything in between.  The babes favorites were the  simple combos like pear and peas and the banana, beet and blueberry combo and  I admit I stole a few sips because it was just so yummy.  You can squeeze a little into a bowl or drink it right our of the pouch, my  ‘do it myself’ babe preferred to sip it right from the pouch while the kiddo liked to squeeze a bit out into her oatmeal or mix it in her applesauce.

This companies healthy foods for kiddos are not limited to just squeeze pouches, the food that was devoured the quickest were the Happy Yogis and Happy Creamies! Happy Yogis are yogurt bites mixed with fruit while the Happy Creamies are the non dairy coconut milk version with a bit more adventurous flavors, both dissolve quickly in the babes mouth and  were enjoyed by the whole family.

Another great snack that will be making a return appearance in the  big kids school lunches is the  Sunny Buddies sunflower and jam bites. I love that these snacks do not contain peanuts since a lot of schools forbid it because of allergies. The jam in these snack bites are made with various fruit puree and contains NO SUGAR, what more could a mom ask for?  WE also tried the  Veggie Pals -carrot orange apple chews that tastes like little bites of smoothie, they were wonderful and although I tried to ration them they were gone in a day.

Overall I am quite in love with Happy family- sugar-free, all natural, organic, contains awesome superfoods like chia and they give back. Happy Family donates a portion of their proceeds to FEED, helping to fight  hunger and malnutrition in children around the world. Along with donations to fight hunter Happy Family also committed to using sustainable packaging and  sourcing as many ingredients as possible from American farmers.

Best of all Happy Family would like to offer of one you dear readers a Happiest Traveling Family package!


Happiest Traveling Family Package

(1) Happy Yogis

(1) Happy Tot Plus

(1) Happy Tot Greek Yogurt

(1) Happy Munchies Veggie & Fruit Crisps

(2) Happy Times

(2) Happy Squeeze (pouches for all ages, especially adults!)

Glee gum review & giveaway

tripleberry menagerie72

I admit it, we are gum addicts but recently we had to cut back because of all the nasty chemicals and dyes in regular gum. That is until I heard about Glee gum.  Glee gum is an all natural is an all natural chewing gum that contains no artificial ingredients, coloring or sweeteners and is Vegetarian, GMO Free, Additive Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free, Yeast Free, Nut Free, Peanut Free, and Soy Free*. Sugar-Free Glee Gum is also Corn Free.  Most importantly , it is delicious!

Glee was a huge hit with the kiddo and we used it as a reward when she did one of her chores around the house. He favorite was the classic bubble gum but mine was the tangerine. These little gum squares remind me of the gum I used to get out of the quarter candy machine as a kid only I know that these are safe and actually quite healthy to snack on and they have been great at curbing my late night sugar cravings.

So what is exactly is an all natural gum made from?  Glee gets its chewy texture from sustainable  chicle. Chicle is the sap from the sapodilla (pronounced “sap-oh-dee-yah”) tree, which grows in the rainforests of Central America.  The gum is then sweetened with either real cane sugar, brown rice syrup or xylitol and then the natural flavors and colors are added.  Their handy website has THIS cool little info page about how they take their gum from tree to Glee.

Overall I love these gums, the flavor lasts enough for me to be satisfied and the flavors are wonderful. Knowing what exactly is in the gum I am eating and not having to research some chemical I have never heard is a nice feeling.  These gums are a new must have in my bag at all times and  since they are quite affordable I can keep them around without denting my pocket.

Glee doesn’t just sell gum they also  candy kits so you and your kiddo can make your own  candies! Check them out HERE.

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Glee is offering  3 packs of Glee Gum (flavors of winner’s choice) & a coupon to 3 winners!

Here is how to enter, for each item  you compete you get 1 entry. Compete all for 4 entries. Be sure to comment here for each one you complete! 

“Glee Gum is all-natural, gluten-free chewing gum with no artificial coloring, flavoring, sweeteners nor preservatives. Glee Gum is the only gum in North America made the old-fashioned way, with chicle! Chicle is a natural tree sap harvested sustainably from the rainforests of Central America. Once all chewing gum was made with chicle, but today most gum is made entirely from synthetic stuff. Not Glee Gum! Glee Gum uses chicle because it is an eco-friendly way to help conserve the rainforest. Chicle is also what gives the gum such great, long-lasting chewing texture! GleeGum is a “green” gum right down to the packaging, which is made from biodegradable, recycled cardboard. So chew with Glee, naturally!”

Review: Vital choice wild salmon & organics

vital_choiceWhen my package of seafood and goods came from Vital choice I instantly cracked open the salmon and took a huge bite. There is nothing like  wild caught salmon and this stuff is the freshest. Vital choice sent me some tuna, salmon, mackerel , sardines and some chocolate to try out and it was all so fresh and delicious.

Their salmon and tuna are both canned fresh and the tuna is only cooked once for the best flavor as opposed to several times in store-bought brands. The best part is that they are all sustainably fished and as Vital choice explains on their site, ‘All Vital Choice Albacore comes from a North Pacific fishery in which smaller boats line-catch individual tuna using the sustainable troll method, which ensures careful handling of each fish, safety for dolphins, and very minimal bycatch.’.

They even know the exact name of the fisherman, Paul Hill of the American albacore association, who flash freezes the tuna right on the boat to ensure peak freshness. Tuna and salmon are both high in omega-3’s protein and other great nutrients.

I have never cooked with sardines or mackerel so I was a bit scared when I saw the cans but when I opened up the sardines and tried a bite I knew whatever I added them to would be delicious. I checked out their process online  and it’s no wonder it’s so good, they go all the way to Portugal  for their sardines and mackerel and work with a family who has been fishing for over 100 years. You can see the whole process on their video online HERE.

Vital choice doesn’t just sell canned seafood they also have  fresh  fish, smoked fish, shell-fish, vitamins, chocolate, dried veggies and berries, pet food teas and so much more! If you love seafood but want to make sure you are buying a sustainable products then Vital Choice is the way to go.Check out their site HERE.

Stay tuned for my recipes using tuna, salmon , mackerel and sardines!

*all reviews are my own opinions and I am in no was paid or obligated to write positive reviews.

Pacific foods review: Pho broth

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I love pho but there isn’t a place in my town that serves it. One desperate day I made pho from scratch and although it was amazing it took me all day. Now that I have a newborn I don’t have time to slow cook something, strain it, cook it some more and prepare it, I need quick and easy and most importantly healthy.

Pacific foods recently sent me some of their Chicken pho broth to try,  and since I was already exhausted by the time the mail came I thought it was a prefect opportunity to try it out.

I cooked the noodles and the broth and prepped the ingredients and in less than 20 minutes  we had dinner. This broth has a great blend of spices and flavors and is slightly sweet. My daughter , who has recently become an incredibly picky eater, slurped up every last bite and I went in for seconds.

With minimal ingredients and no yucky additives this broth is a great choice for those days when you want something unique for dinner but just don’t have the time. Pacific foods even has a cute guide to making your pho  dinner as easy as possible.

Pacific foods also sent me some hazelnut milk so stay tuned for an exciting chocolate hazelnut healthy ice cream sunday recipe!

How I made my pho:

cook the broth and noodles and put into a bowl

top with cilantro, mint, basil, bean sprouts, grilled chicken slices , sriracha and hoisin sauce.

Grandway review & discount


I recently partnered up with Grandway to review some of their fantastic products.WE did a review and giveaway over at Indie Ogden not too long ago so when the opportunity came up for a few bloggers to  try out some more of their products I made sure I got a spot. Grandway is an awesome company for many reasons and they are so much more than just a cute apron company.

Some of Grandway products are made in Honduras and offers employment opportunities to women and  those with special needs giving them a chance to  have a stable income in a place where jobs are rare.  Grandway also picks one  family or individual who has an urgent need  to perform a humanitarian project for each month using profits from sales.

I am excited to say that Grandway is now looking to open a sewing facility right here in Utah as well! Utah has been hit hard with unemployment lately and  this new sewing facility is going to have a big impact on local families; this is just another reason why you should support this awesome company!

Now on to the review! Inside my adorable package tied with a purple bow were 2 oil cloth aprons, 2 cotton aprons, oven mitts, dish gloves,  a magnetic key finder, a dry cleaning/laundry bag and a luggage tag.  Whew, so much cute!

As someone who gets pretty messy in the kitchen I was most excited about the oil cloth aprons. You probably recognize oil cloth mainly as a tablecloth or picnic blanket but as Grandway has shown they also make great aprons. The oilcloth aprons come with 4 pockets and are adjustable to just about any size. These aprons would be great for gardening, cooking , hair and clothing dying and even art projects. The best part of them is that they easily wipe clean with just a little water which means a lot less clean up after a messy project. They are discontinuing these rad aprons so get them while you can! 

The cloth aprons are my new favorite thing, the cutest aprons I have ever worn. It is really hard to feel adorable when you are cleaning or cooking up a storm but these aprons do the trick.  The size is adjustable to just about any size and  there is a big pocket to put your gloves or kitchen tools in.  Grandway has a wide selection of patterns and styles for you to choose from and none of them are even close to boring. Their oven mitts come in just as many patterns to match their aprons and can withstand quite high heats, even a 500 degree casserole bubbling hot out the oven!

As someone with sensitive skin I often have to use those hideous yellow cleaning gloves and when not in use I stash them away where no one can see. Grandway dish gloves are stylish and come in cute colors and I wanted to display them for all to see. Luckily they also sent me a magnetic key finder and since I happen to have magnetic cabinets I used this bedazzled clover to keep my gloves right next to the sink. You could probably even use this magnet on clothing as a pin that wont ruin your dress a well.

I have yet to use the luggage tag or laundry bag but I am taking a trip this summer and know they will come in handy.

Head over to  and check out all their products and use the code “INDIE” for 10% off one apron!


**full disclosure: I was given a product used in this post. I was in no way obligated to use the product or review it. I only use products I love, trust  and have tested.