Chocolate hazelnut milk & banana ‘ice cream’


It’s been warm and sunny lately and there is nothing better than sitting on the porch on a warm day eating ice cream. It’s been a long winter so as soon as the snow started to melt I threw some bananas in the freezer  for ice cream. The other day Pacific foods sent me some chocolate hazelnut milk to try, and after one blissful sip of the best chocolate milk I’ve ever tasted, I knew I needed to freeze some for ice cream before it was all devoured.

A few days later  I was wearing a sundress and  baking on the front lawn and after a few minutes of sweating my daughter and I gave each other a knowing look….ice cream. This recipe is super easy and came out so wonderful. It was quite warm so it kept melting but I put it in the freezer and a few hours later it was just like a store bought frozen treat.

The best part of this recipe is that your kids can eat it up  and not bounce off the walls, drive you bonkers and crash. It stays fresh in the freezer and after a couple of days was still scoopable  and creamy and did I mention delicious?

This hazelnut milk is the creamiest non dairy milk I have ever tasted and it was thick like real milk as well. I am usually a fan of hemp milk but I think I might have just been converted.  I am sure you can use any chocolate milk for this recipe but if you can I suggest giving hazelnut milk a try.

What you need

  • 1.5  cups frozen chocolate hazelnut milk 
  • 1/2 c cold chocolate hazelnut milk
  • 4 frozen bananas
  • 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/4 c honey

How to make it

  • The night before or at least 4 hours prior freeze your bananas and 1.5 c hazelnut milk in Ziploc bags
  • put everything in a blender
  • puree until smooth
  • serve as soft serve or put in freezer for a couple of hours for firm ice cream

Pacific foods review: Pho broth

  • BeFunky_IMG_0106.jpg

I love pho but there isn’t a place in my town that serves it. One desperate day I made pho from scratch and although it was amazing it took me all day. Now that I have a newborn I don’t have time to slow cook something, strain it, cook it some more and prepare it, I need quick and easy and most importantly healthy.

Pacific foods recently sent me some of their Chicken pho broth to try,  and since I was already exhausted by the time the mail came I thought it was a prefect opportunity to try it out.

I cooked the noodles and the broth and prepped the ingredients and in less than 20 minutes  we had dinner. This broth has a great blend of spices and flavors and is slightly sweet. My daughter , who has recently become an incredibly picky eater, slurped up every last bite and I went in for seconds.

With minimal ingredients and no yucky additives this broth is a great choice for those days when you want something unique for dinner but just don’t have the time. Pacific foods even has a cute guide to making your pho  dinner as easy as possible.

Pacific foods also sent me some hazelnut milk so stay tuned for an exciting chocolate hazelnut healthy ice cream sunday recipe!

How I made my pho:

cook the broth and noodles and put into a bowl

top with cilantro, mint, basil, bean sprouts, grilled chicken slices , sriracha and hoisin sauce.