Cooking with Edible Wasatch

i15-cvr-thumbOne of my favorite local publications, actually one of my favorite publications period, is a little magazine called Edible Wasatch. This seasonal magazine is packed full of bios and stories about local farmers, restaurants, chefs and producers. The best part of the magazine though, is the local recipes. 

Every time a new issue of Edible Wasatch hits the shelves I rush over to my local cafe and snatch my copy up and head right home to get cooking. The recipes featured are always exciting and easy and accessible for all to make. The directions are never complicated but the end result is always something fantastic.

The first recipe I tried was the mackerel pate and as luck would have it,  I had been holding on to a can of fancy mackerel for months just waiting for the perfect recipe to inspire me to crack it open.  I truly wish I would have ordered more cans of this little fish because the spread was  amazing.  I substituted aiolo where  it called for creme fraiche and added just a pinch of cayenne for a little kick.

The second recipe I tested was polenta with meatballs and tart cherries. I was planning on making something using the last of my ground turkey for dinner so I substituted the pork in this recipe for that and the cherries with the cranberries I had on hand. I had never used fruit in my meatballs before and the added sweetness was so delightful. On their own, each dish is lovely but together the polenta and meatballs really make something special .

Head over to to find these recipes and more. I will be trying out their kombucha cocktails this weekend from their feature ‘The mother of all cocktails’, how cute!

EdibWasa Winter 2014.clipular (1) EdibWasa Winter 2014.clipular


Raw honey & peanut butter protein treat

honey peanut butter protein treats

As a nursing mama it is super important to have a quick and easy protein snack on hand. I spend a lot of time nursing and a most of that time is in a rocking chair far away from the kitchen.  I made this recipe to keep on the table next to me for when I inevitably become ravenously hungry and no one is around to fetch me a snack and I am just to tired to try myself.

Of course the kiddo, the dog and the husband saw my tasty treat and snagged a few and  it quickly became a house favorite. Packed full of protein and yummy raw honey sweetness,  it really does taste like candy but I assure you it is powerful protein magic.  These are quick to make so if you are juggling kids and dishes and giant dogs  you can whip these up in no time, hand over a few to everyone and  get a few moments of peace.

They are great for hikes or post workout , snacking while nursing  or silencing the brood.  They will stay  fresh in the fridge for weeks (or freezer for a cold snack)  so go ahead and double or triple the recipe!

What you need

How to make it

  • mix all ingredients together except cocoa powder
  • roll into balls
  •  put into the freezer for half hour to firm
  • drop half of the balls ( or all if yo love chocolate!)  in a bowl of cocoa powder
  • try not to eat them all in 3 seconds, good luck

Ginger corn cakes & coconut syrup

Ginger corn cakes & coconut syrup

I love coconut, not  just for its flavor but for its amazing healing properties. It is cold and flu season and with everyone just getting over being sick I have been trying to add coconut oil to all of our foods to help boost our immune system.

Sunday morning I was craving a warm , sweet and filling breakfast but when I opened the cabinets I realized I forgot to buy whole wheat flour at the grocery store so pancakes and waffles were out of the question. We did however have some cornmeal and coconut milk  and I decided to experiment a bit and see what happens.

These corn cakes were a hit with my family and after eating breakfast everyone was energized and ready to get some projects we have been putting off done. Perhaps the coconut oil and milk gave us an energy boost or perhaps it was just having a belly full of good food.Either way these corn cakes are a much healthier alternative to pancakes drowned in syrup and are a nice fresh and exotic twist to an ordinary breakfast.  Enjoy!

What you need:

How to make it:

  • In a bowl mix corn meal and 1.5 tablespoons of  grated fresh ginger
  • add 2 table spoons melted coconut oil, 2 eggs and 1/3 of the can of coconut milk.
  • Mix together and if your mixture is too dry add a bit of water, I added around 2 tablespoons water
  • Mixture should be  moist but  thick enough to grab and form into balls
  • Heat  about 4 tablespoons of coconut oil on stove, MED heat
  • Form balls of corn meal mixture, a bit bigger than a golf ball, and flatten into patties
  • place in pan and fry until golden brown on both sides
  • Place in a warm oven to keep crisp and warm until your syrup is done

For syrup:

  • In a sauce pan add the rest of the coconut milk and the coconut cream and heat on MED heat
  • In a small bowl put 2 tbsp of tapioca powder and add 4 tablespoons of coconut milk
  • stir to dissolve then add it to the pot
  • add sweetener
  • let simmer until a little thicker, It will still be runny but it will be creamy

Top corn cakes with coconut syrup and cilantro, yum!

**full disclosure: I was given a sample of a product used in this recipe. I was in no way obligated to use the product or review it. I only use products I love, trust  and have tested.


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