Easy yogurt cream cheese with chives

chive yogurt cream cheese

I love cream cheese and I love yogurt so it only seemed natural that I make yogurt cream cheese. A long time ago  (back when I used to dig through the couch for change to buy kombucha) I would make my own yogurt to save money and use my home made yogurt to make cream cheese. I remember it being the most amazing cream cheese and I would hide it in the back of the fridge  behind something gross so my roommates wouldn’t eat it.

With kids and dogs and life I have not been making my own yogurt but when I ran out of cream cheese and i wanted a bagel ( right now!)  I remembered my once savvy ways and decided to whip up some of my favorite yogurt cream cheese.  This only takes a  day to make ( less if you are using a thick yogurt like Greek yogurt) and with some herbs it becomes a fancy shmancy party cream cheese!

What you need

  • a mason jar
  • cheese cloth
  • 1 cup of yogurt
  • chives
  • salt & pepper to taste and a sprinkle of paprika

How to make it

  • put your yogurt into a single layer of cheese cloth
  • squeeze it gently to drain off  some of the water
  • take the lid off the mason jar  and lay the cheese cloth & yogurt  inside suspending  it about halfway down the jar
  • screw on the jar band  leaving the top open
  • put the jar in the fridge and let the excess water drain off
  • The cream cheese will be soft but you will know it is done when you can form it into a ball with the cheese cloth
  • add chives and spices to taste or eat it plain!