Things I love: Kitchen Ink


I love Etsy, I have an addiction and I don’t care. I love the dIY, hand-made,  down home feel of it all and I love that I know exactly who makes what I am buying. One Etsy store has become a staple in my house and  my kids don their hand printed clothes almost daily.

Kitchen ink is the brainchild of an old friend of mine and features hand printed shirts for kids and adults alike with images of veggies and pie and even hand drawn designs and creatures.  The shirts are all the softest shirts you will ever wear and are made in the USA.  Check them out on FACEBOOK or ETSY and get your adorable shirts today!

Kitchen Ink is an artistic endeavor nurtured and flourishing under the keen eyes of Rosin Bean James. Since the early days making scrap patches in the kitchen of a communal house in Oakland California, these goods and their maker have traveled to the far corners of the continents to bring you delightfully playful and refreshingly sinister embellishments at craft fairs, demonstrations, and concerts. There’s no telling how they’ll get there, but once they do you are sure to find something delightfully unique among stacks of buried treasure. We pride ourselves on continuously providing fresh, unique hand-made goods to the creative craft hungry masses.


Cuppow Review


I absolutely love cuppow! As a mason jar-aholic I often find myself with a lap full of coffee when one of the kiddos decides to pounce on me mid-drink.  I found out about cuppow when I was searching for a mason jar straw to keep spills at bay and I immediately contacted them to get some lids. When they came in the mail the kids and I went right out to the cafe to try them out. The barista and owner were both intrigued by my nifty little top and the kiddo could barely wait to try it out.

The tops easily fit a straw or you can use them as a sippy. The kiddo stole my straw  when I looked away so I tried it out as a sippy and I have to say I think I preferred it that way. Having a straw usually means I end up chugging a drink and the slow pour top allowed me to enjoy my drink longer.

The cuppow is not only limited to drinks either, I use the cuppow as a top on my honey jar and it pours the perfect amount to drizzle on top of toast, sammies and oatmeal.  I have even used cuppow for salad dressings, balsamic drizzles and to strain out the juice when I shake up a little cocktail in my mason jar.

Cuppow is BPA and Phalate free and made of food grade plastics and are 100% American made. This company is commited to creating as little waste as possible and keeping it local and giving pack to their community.  At just $8 a top it is definitely worth giving a try!


Earth Lust Bottle Review


When I went in search of  the perfect bottle  I only had a few requirements: It must be stainless steel, it must be BPA, PVC and phthalate  free and it has  to keep breast milk warm . I have tried so  many bottles and sippy cups  I lost count and the babe has rejected them all.  Scout is exclusively breastfed and all the sippy cups we tried are either an  unnatural shape, too hard to they release liquid to quickly.

The first thing I noticed about the Earth Lust bottle was that their sippy cup top was soft and flattened out like a nipple, Scout loved it right away. We were relieved to finally find a bottle that she didn’t instantly toss back at us and just in time since we were about to head out on a road trip. 1000 miles later the babe still loves her sippy and has even started to learn how to hold it and feed herself using the removable handles.

Besides water of course I have added home-made bone broth and fruit and veggie juices and  after the bottle rolled under a seat and was lost for days it still washed out clean and didn’t have any sort of odor. This bottle has also fallen off a cliff and rolled out of the car many times and has held up really well, a definite win in my book.

The bottle top cover, although it wasn’t designed for it, worked really well as a snack container and has become the babes favorite  vessel to eat from. The bottles come in 2 designs and come with both a nipple and sippy top  for both babies and tots.

Although Earth Lust bottles are not made in the US because of a lack of stainless steel producers this company still make sure their bottles are ethically produced using all non toxic materials.

Happy Family Review & Giveaway


I love making all of my families food from scratch at home but when it comes to baby food I don’t always have the time to whip up some puree for the babe. Once the little one got the hang of the basics like avocado, mashed banana and mashed yams I wanted to let her try some more adventurous treats. It is so very important to me that my babies food be REAL, pure , healthy and organic so when I found Happy Family I was excited to not only see it was GMO free and organic but that it contained  a great variety of fruits and veggies and even superfoods like chia and quinoa.

Happy Family brands has everything from baby foods and snacks to smoothies for us adults and everything in between.  The babes favorites were the  simple combos like pear and peas and the banana, beet and blueberry combo and  I admit I stole a few sips because it was just so yummy.  You can squeeze a little into a bowl or drink it right our of the pouch, my  ‘do it myself’ babe preferred to sip it right from the pouch while the kiddo liked to squeeze a bit out into her oatmeal or mix it in her applesauce.

This companies healthy foods for kiddos are not limited to just squeeze pouches, the food that was devoured the quickest were the Happy Yogis and Happy Creamies! Happy Yogis are yogurt bites mixed with fruit while the Happy Creamies are the non dairy coconut milk version with a bit more adventurous flavors, both dissolve quickly in the babes mouth and  were enjoyed by the whole family.

Another great snack that will be making a return appearance in the  big kids school lunches is the  Sunny Buddies sunflower and jam bites. I love that these snacks do not contain peanuts since a lot of schools forbid it because of allergies. The jam in these snack bites are made with various fruit puree and contains NO SUGAR, what more could a mom ask for?  WE also tried the  Veggie Pals -carrot orange apple chews that tastes like little bites of smoothie, they were wonderful and although I tried to ration them they were gone in a day.

Overall I am quite in love with Happy family- sugar-free, all natural, organic, contains awesome superfoods like chia and they give back. Happy Family donates a portion of their proceeds to FEED, helping to fight  hunger and malnutrition in children around the world. Along with donations to fight hunter Happy Family also committed to using sustainable packaging and  sourcing as many ingredients as possible from American farmers.

Best of all Happy Family would like to offer of one you dear readers a Happiest Traveling Family package!


Happiest Traveling Family Package

(1) Happy Yogis

(1) Happy Tot Plus

(1) Happy Tot Greek Yogurt

(1) Happy Munchies Veggie & Fruit Crisps

(2) Happy Times

(2) Happy Squeeze (pouches for all ages, especially adults!)

All natural dog treats: A dogs review

Eating and living healthy is very important to me and my dog’s food and treats are no exception. We have  a Seppala husky that we adopted from our local arctic dog rescue and  he is one pampered pooch. Loki is 4 years old and has lived a hard life so I feel  like it is only fair that he gets healthy and yummy treats.
 The biggest reason I choose to feed Loki real whole foods is for his fur, as you may know Husky dogs shed like there is no tomorrow but a healthy diet can help a lot. Besides spoonfuls of coconut oil, fish oil  and home made broth I try to give Loki tasty and healthy treats to help with his shedding. Here are a few of his favorites that he has tried and loved. He is quite a picky dog considering he used to ( and still does) eat trash so when he likes something you know it’s good.

Wet noses

Wet noses are probably his favorite and since it comes in a variety of flavors he is never bored.  This company is local outside of Seattle, WA and are specifically designed to be nutritionally beneficial to dogs using organic ingredients. The flavors are quite unique unlike any I have found before like carob &  mint, agave & pear, hemp seed & banana and a ton more. By far Loki’s favorite was the carob & mint and the Dogranola. When he sees me pulling out a box he practically tramples me and will show me all the tricks he knows before I even ask.
Wet nose uses only human grade organic ingredients and does not contain  corn , soy or wheat.

Bone Zappetit

Bone zappetit was my favorite treat for Loki and really helped when he was blowing coat. Bone zappetit is made with superfoods that I love and I am going to admit right here, I tried a bite. When I opened the bag of  yoda shaped treats the smell was amazing and I couldn’t resist nibbling a corner to  try it and it was yummy! Loki  loved the you-maca-me-nuts and  will sit under the shelf where they are hidden and whine for more.
Bone Zappetit treats contain no preservatives and are made to order and made by a chef!

Honest Kitchen

Honest kitchen was a win win for he both of us. I used their dehydrated dog food to make puppy popcicle to keep him cool on these hot summer days, he loved the pops and I loved that it kept him occupied for a bit.  Honest Kitchen uses only whole foods that are never cooked so all the good  vitamins and nutrients stay put.
Honest Kitchen uses only human grade food and no food is ever cooked, canned or processes to retain all the nutrients. They also use only non GMO foods, free range chicken and turkey and wild caught fish.

Bobble sport water bottle review


Living in the desert means our summers are hot and in order to stay hydrated we have to keep water bottles with us where ever we go. When we run out of our filtered water we sometimes have to fill up in (bleg) public bathrooms and water fountains. Luckily we have a couple awesome  water bottles with built-in filters.

Water Bobble Sport is a 24oz  water bottle made from recycled PET that is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC  with a built-in filter. Each filter  can be used 30o times to clean out chlorine and contaminates from tap water. The carbon filter can be replaced and the bottle can be used again and again. According their website approximately 38  BILLION water bottles end up in landfills each year, that means in my lifetime over 1 trillion water bottles were piled into landfills.

These bottles are great for kids, for one they don’t leak at all and when you are on car rides or long trips the last thing you want is a soggy kiddo. The lid is soft and the babe likes  to gum it when it isn’t open and it stays closed even when attached to a carabiner on a pack.  The kids loved the bright colors and I loved that they were getting clean water.  Bobble Sports are also incredibly durable, I can not count how many times they were thrown, dropped and pounced on by the kiddos and they are still holding up strong. If you are looking for a durable water bottle that filters your water for you, I highly recommend the Bobble Sport.

Check them out here-

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Hazelnut Kids review


Having a baby means having a person around that puts everything in her mouth  including all of her toys. I want to make sure I have products around that I know I can trust and I know wont harm the babe. After scouring the web I stumbled upon a site that carries only all natural and organic toys. Hazelnut kids is an online company  that is a one stop shop for all your kids green and organic toys, art and learning tools.

One products that stood out to me was the biodegradable sand toys.  There are millions of tons of garbage in the sea and part of that is from sand toys left behind after beach adventures. Zoe B  beach toys  fully  biodegrade in 2-3 years ( versus 300 years of ordinary plastic toys), are BPA phthalates, and PVC  free, FDA approved as food safe and  can even be washed in the dishwasher.

Both of my girls loved this 5 piece set and played for hours in the sand and water and even the bathtub. It has quickly become our must have toy anytime we go on adventures and has taken quite a bit of abuse and still stayed strong.  This toy is 20% off right now and at an affordable $16.80 it is a definite must buy for summer.

Another toy we got was Grimm’s magnetic wooden puzzle. This puzzle is absolutely stunning and was an instant hit with my 5-year-old. Upon opening the metal box  you will find a beautiful rainbow of naturally painted wooden squares.  My daughter took her puzzle and sat and fiddled with it, making pictures for hours. Now I keep it in  the car and anytime she gets bored or fussy I bring it out and there’s silence as she studies the squares and creates her art.

Hazelnut kids owner Tracy Coe does all the research for you so you can browse knowing that all of the products on the site are safe ,eco friendly  and organic.  The best part is that  1% of all sales go towards land conservancy and for every purchase you make Hazelnut kids will have one tree planted through Trees for the Future.

Visit their store and see all the great toys and learning tools they have at

Glee gum review & giveaway

tripleberry menagerie72

I admit it, we are gum addicts but recently we had to cut back because of all the nasty chemicals and dyes in regular gum. That is until I heard about Glee gum.  Glee gum is an all natural is an all natural chewing gum that contains no artificial ingredients, coloring or sweeteners and is Vegetarian, GMO Free, Additive Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free, Yeast Free, Nut Free, Peanut Free, and Soy Free*. Sugar-Free Glee Gum is also Corn Free.  Most importantly , it is delicious!

Glee was a huge hit with the kiddo and we used it as a reward when she did one of her chores around the house. He favorite was the classic bubble gum but mine was the tangerine. These little gum squares remind me of the gum I used to get out of the quarter candy machine as a kid only I know that these are safe and actually quite healthy to snack on and they have been great at curbing my late night sugar cravings.

So what is exactly is an all natural gum made from?  Glee gets its chewy texture from sustainable  chicle. Chicle is the sap from the sapodilla (pronounced “sap-oh-dee-yah”) tree, which grows in the rainforests of Central America.  The gum is then sweetened with either real cane sugar, brown rice syrup or xylitol and then the natural flavors and colors are added.  Their handy website has THIS cool little info page about how they take their gum from tree to Glee.

Overall I love these gums, the flavor lasts enough for me to be satisfied and the flavors are wonderful. Knowing what exactly is in the gum I am eating and not having to research some chemical I have never heard is a nice feeling.  These gums are a new must have in my bag at all times and  since they are quite affordable I can keep them around without denting my pocket.

Glee doesn’t just sell gum they also  candy kits so you and your kiddo can make your own  candies! Check them out HERE.

PicMonkey Collage

Glee is offering  3 packs of Glee Gum (flavors of winner’s choice) & a coupon to 3 winners!

Here is how to enter, for each item  you compete you get 1 entry. Compete all for 4 entries. Be sure to comment here for each one you complete! 

“Glee Gum is all-natural, gluten-free chewing gum with no artificial coloring, flavoring, sweeteners nor preservatives. Glee Gum is the only gum in North America made the old-fashioned way, with chicle! Chicle is a natural tree sap harvested sustainably from the rainforests of Central America. Once all chewing gum was made with chicle, but today most gum is made entirely from synthetic stuff. Not Glee Gum! Glee Gum uses chicle because it is an eco-friendly way to help conserve the rainforest. Chicle is also what gives the gum such great, long-lasting chewing texture! GleeGum is a “green” gum right down to the packaging, which is made from biodegradable, recycled cardboard. So chew with Glee, naturally!”

Prime Snacks Review & Giveaway


Variety is the spice of life, it is also what keeps kids from having complete meltdowns when you are on the road.  When I was asking around about snacks to take on  car rides and trips with kiddos a friend of mine suggested checking out Prime Snacks.

Prime Snacks caries almost every one of our favorite snack foods like Annie’s bunny snacks, pop chips , cliff bars  and pirate booty.  You can buy cases of your favorites or snack packs with a little bit of everything. We opted for the snack pack so we could try out some new things and I was excited to see both snacks for adults and ones the kiddos were sure to love.

My favorite was the bzz cookies especially on days when the kiddos were ready to party and I was still in jammies, the hubby also loved the cookies and the protein bar came in handy  as a power snack during the Spartan Beast race.  Hunter was a huge fan of the dehydrated fruit and the pop chips and I barely got a taste before it was devoured by the tiny tornado.

Picnics are never boring anymore and the kiddo loves to pick out a new snack to try when we are out. I keep a few options in my bag now and  have successfully avoided a public meltdown just by pulling one out and saying ‘ooh look at this treat I found in my bag’, it’s like magic. Road trips are a lot easier now as well and having a little goody basket in the back with the kiddo keeps us from having to stop at a gas station or (BLEG) fast food when the kid  has a case of the hangries.

The best part of the whole package was knowing that everything inside was ALL NATURAL and free of all those yucky chemicals that are in commercial snacks. Prime snacks was started by a family and still is a small mom n pop run business.  This family personally selects each snack to fit their 3 requirement:

  • it has to fit their nutrition guidelines
  • it has to taste great and be snack-worthy
  • it has to be affordable to be likeable

Prime  snacks is offering one reader a sample box full of great snacks for you to try out and all of you can use the code ‘primesnack10’ to get 10% off your order!


For a bonus entry comment on this post and tell me your favorite natural snack!

Perfect food bar review & giveaway


This morning I ate my last perfect food bar and I wanted to cry. There really is no better way to describe the nutritious bars than ‘perfect’.

Perfect food bar is a family business that started in the 90’s but the family’s love of health food and healthy living dates back to the 60’s when Dr. William Keith owned  the  health house gym and juice bar. Health has always been at the center of this family and in 1995  Keith mixed his whole food supplements with peanut butter and created “the perfect food bar” .

In 2005 the family put the delicious product on the market and today it is known as the best health food bar around. The bars contain over 20 nutrient rich  organic whole foods including a ton of veggies, nut butters, fruits , omegas and of course honey.  These bars are pure and delicious and contain no preservatives  which is why you can find them in the refrigerator section  of your natural foods store!

I love these bars for many reasons but most importantly is they are a great source of nutrients for my children. It is pretty hard to get kids to eat health food sometimes but these taste like a delicious treat and the kids devour them. They are also gluten free so I know I can bring them to playdates with my daughter gluten free friends and they can enjoy them too.

Perfect food bars come in a few different flavors including peanut butter, almond butter, cranberry, fruit and nut and carob and also come in mini sizes too! My personal favorite is the fruit and nut!  Find them in a local store near you HERE!

Perfect food bar sent me some bars for a giveaway and an awesome  (and super duper soft) shirt and some bars! Entering is simple here is how, enter once or all 3 times:

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