Things I love: Kitchen Ink


I love Etsy, I have an addiction and I don’t care. I love the dIY, hand-made,  down home feel of it all and I love that I know exactly who makes what I am buying. One Etsy store has become a staple in my house and  my kids don their hand printed clothes almost daily.

Kitchen ink is the brainchild of an old friend of mine and features hand printed shirts for kids and adults alike with images of veggies and pie and even hand drawn designs and creatures.  The shirts are all the softest shirts you will ever wear and are made in the USA.  Check them out on FACEBOOK or ETSY and get your adorable shirts today!

Kitchen Ink is an artistic endeavor nurtured and flourishing under the keen eyes of Rosin Bean James. Since the early days making scrap patches in the kitchen of a communal house in Oakland California, these goods and their maker have traveled to the far corners of the continents to bring you delightfully playful and refreshingly sinister embellishments at craft fairs, demonstrations, and concerts. There’s no telling how they’ll get there, but once they do you are sure to find something delightfully unique among stacks of buried treasure. We pride ourselves on continuously providing fresh, unique hand-made goods to the creative craft hungry masses.


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