Asian chicken sandwich with Sriracha mayo


After watching a marathon of ‘Food truck wars’  and drooling  every time the Nom Nom  truck came on screen I knew I had to cook up some  bánh mì  ASAP.  I never was one to follow rules ( or recipes) so after checking out a few variations online I decided to put my own spin on it and  (I don’t use this term often but…) It was oralgasmic.

I started off by making pickled carrots (sans daikon because I forgot to grab one at the store DOH!) which are super easy to make, the recipe I used is right HERE.  Next I put the chicken breast in the crock for 3 hours until it shredded easily and then let it simmer while I finished off the rest. A little bit of sriracha mayo magic and toasted buns later and I was in foodie heaven.

This sammy packs up nicely for picnics or lunches or you can just shove it on your face and then eat your leftovers out of the fridge like I did.

*Makes 6 sammiches

What you need

  • buns of choice, toasted. There is much debate about the perfect  bánh mì  roll but I used a ciabatta roll and LOVED it
  • 2 lbs of chicken breast or more if you want to eat more
  • 2 c chicken broth
  • cilantro, mint & basil
  • sriracha
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1 cup veggie oil ( I used grape seed)
  • picked carrots or for a quick and simple route use shredded carrots soaked in rice wine vinegar
  • cucumber slices
  • tamari/soy sauce
  • sesame oil
  • lemon slice
  • tsp of mustard
  • sea salt
  • lime

How to make it


  • in a crock add chicken breast and 2 cups chicken broth, cook on high 3 hours
  • when chicken is ready shred and remove all but about 1/2 c of broth and let simmer on low for half hour while you prep everything else
  • when you are done prepping and ready to assemble sammies heat up coconut oil on the stove and toss chicken in the oil
  • add soy sauce and sesame oil to taste
  • cook until edges are crisp

Sriracha mayo

  • in a food processor add 2 egg yolks
  • squeeze about a tablespoon of juice from a lemon and whisk together with egg
  • add in mustard and whisk
  • slowly add oil drop by drop until you notice the mayo coming together
  • increase the amount of oil you add until you are all out
  • mayo should be white and thick like well…mayo
  • add sriracha and a bit of sea salt to taste, more sriracha is more spice

Garnishes & assembly

  • chop about 1/4 c each of basil, cilantro and mint and toss together
  • peel and slice cucumbers
  • Make picked carrots HERE or shred carrots and soak for half hour in rice wine vinegar
  • toast bun
  • spread mayo on both sides and assemble with chicken and garnishes and splash of lime.
  • EAT! NOM!

3 thoughts on “Asian chicken sandwich with Sriracha mayo

  1. This looks deelish! How many cups of chicken broth are needed? I’m thinking I may just have to make this for a picnic!

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