Cuppow Review


I absolutely love cuppow! As a mason jar-aholic I often find myself with a lap full of coffee when one of the kiddos decides to pounce on me mid-drink.  I found out about cuppow when I was searching for a mason jar straw to keep spills at bay and I immediately contacted them to get some lids. When they came in the mail the kids and I went right out to the cafe to try them out. The barista and owner were both intrigued by my nifty little top and the kiddo could barely wait to try it out.

The tops easily fit a straw or you can use them as a sippy. The kiddo stole my straw  when I looked away so I tried it out as a sippy and I have to say I think I preferred it that way. Having a straw usually means I end up chugging a drink and the slow pour top allowed me to enjoy my drink longer.

The cuppow is not only limited to drinks either, I use the cuppow as a top on my honey jar and it pours the perfect amount to drizzle on top of toast, sammies and oatmeal.  I have even used cuppow for salad dressings, balsamic drizzles and to strain out the juice when I shake up a little cocktail in my mason jar.

Cuppow is BPA and Phalate free and made of food grade plastics and are 100% American made. This company is commited to creating as little waste as possible and keeping it local and giving pack to their community.  At just $8 a top it is definitely worth giving a try!



2 thoughts on “Cuppow Review

  1. If you like cuppow for pouring dressings, honey, etc., you should check out reCAP Mason Jars. They’re designed to let you re-use/re-purpose mason jars in a million different ways. 🙂

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