All natural dog treats: A dogs review

Eating and living healthy is very important to me and my dog’s food and treats are no exception. We have  a Seppala husky that we adopted from our local arctic dog rescue and  he is one pampered pooch. Loki is 4 years old and has lived a hard life so I feel  like it is only fair that he gets healthy and yummy treats.
 The biggest reason I choose to feed Loki real whole foods is for his fur, as you may know Husky dogs shed like there is no tomorrow but a healthy diet can help a lot. Besides spoonfuls of coconut oil, fish oil  and home made broth I try to give Loki tasty and healthy treats to help with his shedding. Here are a few of his favorites that he has tried and loved. He is quite a picky dog considering he used to ( and still does) eat trash so when he likes something you know it’s good.

Wet noses

Wet noses are probably his favorite and since it comes in a variety of flavors he is never bored.  This company is local outside of Seattle, WA and are specifically designed to be nutritionally beneficial to dogs using organic ingredients. The flavors are quite unique unlike any I have found before like carob &  mint, agave & pear, hemp seed & banana and a ton more. By far Loki’s favorite was the carob & mint and the Dogranola. When he sees me pulling out a box he practically tramples me and will show me all the tricks he knows before I even ask.
Wet nose uses only human grade organic ingredients and does not contain  corn , soy or wheat.

Bone Zappetit

Bone zappetit was my favorite treat for Loki and really helped when he was blowing coat. Bone zappetit is made with superfoods that I love and I am going to admit right here, I tried a bite. When I opened the bag of  yoda shaped treats the smell was amazing and I couldn’t resist nibbling a corner to  try it and it was yummy! Loki  loved the you-maca-me-nuts and  will sit under the shelf where they are hidden and whine for more.
Bone Zappetit treats contain no preservatives and are made to order and made by a chef!

Honest Kitchen

Honest kitchen was a win win for he both of us. I used their dehydrated dog food to make puppy popcicle to keep him cool on these hot summer days, he loved the pops and I loved that it kept him occupied for a bit.  Honest Kitchen uses only whole foods that are never cooked so all the good  vitamins and nutrients stay put.
Honest Kitchen uses only human grade food and no food is ever cooked, canned or processes to retain all the nutrients. They also use only non GMO foods, free range chicken and turkey and wild caught fish.

Let me know what you think!

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