Sesame kale chips & Raw kale salad


I love kale so much, it is so rich and filling and  full of vitamins….it’s kind of like the meat of greens. Kale is an incredibly versatile plant and can be used as a pesto , sauteed  or in stews  but y favorite ways to eat it are raw and as a kale chip.

When eating raw kale it is always best to massage your kale first. I know , I know It sounds a bit weird to be giving your greens a massage but trust me on this. Kale is a  bitter green that is quite tough and to be honest  a little bitter. When you massage your kale you are breaking down the cellulose structure  making it more palatable, easier to chew and easier to digest.

Another awesome thing about kale is that just one cup contains  34 HEALTHY calories and zero fat along with a good portion of fiber. Kale also has a full days worth of vitamin A,C and K  as well as some calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorous, copper and magnesium. Whew! Now you can see why I am a bit obsessed with this green so  try out these recipes and get eating!

These 2 recipe are made at the same time  so grab a big bowl!

What you need

  • 2 bunches of kale
  • sesame oil
  • Braggs amino acids or tamari  or soy sauce
  • juice of 1 lemon
  • sesame seeds
  • 2 carrots
  • 1/2 c almonds soaked at least 30 minutes, best if overnight ( Rad why you should soak your almonds HERE)
  • optional , dried cherries

How to make it

  • preheat oven to 175-200 depending on how hot your oven gets. My oven gets too hot so I use the lower temp.
  • separate the kale from the middle vein, this vein is touch and hard to chew
  • rip the kale into chunks and add to the bowl
  • add  sesame oil and soy sauce to taste
  • massage your kale  kind of like kneading bread. You will know it’s done when the green is no longer bitter and it is silky
  • toss with sesame seeds, about 2 tbsp
  • separate kale in half and add  one half to a baking pan and place in teh oven for 20 minutes or so until the edges are crisp, the chips will crisp up more as it cools
  • for the other half add  lemon juice
  • shred carrot and add to salad
  • add drained  soaked almonds, patted dry
  • optional (but it think its awesome) chop up some cherries and toss in as well
  • eat!

Let me know what you think!

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