Bobble sport water bottle review


Living in the desert means our summers are hot and in order to stay hydrated we have to keep water bottles with us where ever we go. When we run out of our filtered water we sometimes have to fill up in (bleg) public bathrooms and water fountains. Luckily we have a couple awesome  water bottles with built-in filters.

Water Bobble Sport is a 24oz  water bottle made from recycled PET that is free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC  with a built-in filter. Each filter  can be used 30o times to clean out chlorine and contaminates from tap water. The carbon filter can be replaced and the bottle can be used again and again. According their website approximately 38  BILLION water bottles end up in landfills each year, that means in my lifetime over 1 trillion water bottles were piled into landfills.

These bottles are great for kids, for one they don’t leak at all and when you are on car rides or long trips the last thing you want is a soggy kiddo. The lid is soft and the babe likes  to gum it when it isn’t open and it stays closed even when attached to a carabiner on a pack.  The kids loved the bright colors and I loved that they were getting clean water.  Bobble Sports are also incredibly durable, I can not count how many times they were thrown, dropped and pounced on by the kiddos and they are still holding up strong. If you are looking for a durable water bottle that filters your water for you, I highly recommend the Bobble Sport.

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2 thoughts on “Bobble sport water bottle review

  1. We have two of these at home and I LOVE them. the built in filter is great since the water quality here is less than fabulous. This is what is kept near my son’s bed for him to drink when he wakes in the middle of the night thirsty…NO LEAKS!

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