Hazelnut Kids review


Having a baby means having a person around that puts everything in her mouth  including all of her toys. I want to make sure I have products around that I know I can trust and I know wont harm the babe. After scouring the web I stumbled upon a site that carries only all natural and organic toys. Hazelnut kids is an online company  that is a one stop shop for all your kids green and organic toys, art and learning tools.

One products that stood out to me was the biodegradable sand toys.  There are millions of tons of garbage in the sea and part of that is from sand toys left behind after beach adventures. Zoe B  beach toys  fully  biodegrade in 2-3 years ( versus 300 years of ordinary plastic toys), are BPA phthalates, and PVC  free, FDA approved as food safe and  can even be washed in the dishwasher.

Both of my girls loved this 5 piece set and played for hours in the sand and water and even the bathtub. It has quickly become our must have toy anytime we go on adventures and has taken quite a bit of abuse and still stayed strong.  This toy is 20% off right now and at an affordable $16.80 it is a definite must buy for summer.

Another toy we got was Grimm’s magnetic wooden puzzle. This puzzle is absolutely stunning and was an instant hit with my 5-year-old. Upon opening the metal box  you will find a beautiful rainbow of naturally painted wooden squares.  My daughter took her puzzle and sat and fiddled with it, making pictures for hours. Now I keep it in  the car and anytime she gets bored or fussy I bring it out and there’s silence as she studies the squares and creates her art.

Hazelnut kids owner Tracy Coe does all the research for you so you can browse knowing that all of the products on the site are safe ,eco friendly  and organic.  The best part is that  1% of all sales go towards land conservancy and for every purchase you make Hazelnut kids will have one tree planted through Trees for the Future.

Visit their store and see all the great toys and learning tools they have at http://www.hazelnutkids.com/.


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