Prime Snacks Review & Giveaway


Variety is the spice of life, it is also what keeps kids from having complete meltdowns when you are on the road.  When I was asking around about snacks to take on  car rides and trips with kiddos a friend of mine suggested checking out Prime Snacks.

Prime Snacks caries almost every one of our favorite snack foods like Annie’s bunny snacks, pop chips , cliff bars  and pirate booty.  You can buy cases of your favorites or snack packs with a little bit of everything. We opted for the snack pack so we could try out some new things and I was excited to see both snacks for adults and ones the kiddos were sure to love.

My favorite was the bzz cookies especially on days when the kiddos were ready to party and I was still in jammies, the hubby also loved the cookies and the protein bar came in handy  as a power snack during the Spartan Beast race.  Hunter was a huge fan of the dehydrated fruit and the pop chips and I barely got a taste before it was devoured by the tiny tornado.

Picnics are never boring anymore and the kiddo loves to pick out a new snack to try when we are out. I keep a few options in my bag now and  have successfully avoided a public meltdown just by pulling one out and saying ‘ooh look at this treat I found in my bag’, it’s like magic. Road trips are a lot easier now as well and having a little goody basket in the back with the kiddo keeps us from having to stop at a gas station or (BLEG) fast food when the kid  has a case of the hangries.

The best part of the whole package was knowing that everything inside was ALL NATURAL and free of all those yucky chemicals that are in commercial snacks. Prime snacks was started by a family and still is a small mom n pop run business.  This family personally selects each snack to fit their 3 requirement:

  • it has to fit their nutrition guidelines
  • it has to taste great and be snack-worthy
  • it has to be affordable to be likeable

Prime  snacks is offering one reader a sample box full of great snacks for you to try out and all of you can use the code ‘primesnack10’ to get 10% off your order!


For a bonus entry comment on this post and tell me your favorite natural snack!


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