Easy all natural oven beef jerky


I love beef jerky, it’s an expensive and delicious addiction. I hate to eat store-bought that is loaded with preservatives and fillers and what the heck are all these chemicals I can’t pronounce?!

I thought I would have to keep paying top dollar for organic all natural jerky ( still has sugar! Why???)  at the natural food stores since I don’t have a dehydrator until one day someone told me about how they made fruit leather in the oven. Of course! Why did I not think of that before?

Making jerky in the oven is not only easy but it doesn’t take a long time so you can get down to business, the business of eating jerky all day. Coming up with new and exciting flavors is my favorite part- curry, sweet and spicy, achiote and orange, lemon pepper…so many flavors to try!

This recipe is my basic  jerky you have probably tasted before, its your regular old-fashioned steak rub (from scratch, duh!)  beef jerky and mouth-watering good! In just 3-4 hours ( or less even!) you will have the best jerky you have ever tasted, I promise!

What you need

  • Skewers (optional, I ran out halfway through and it was still amazing)
  • foil
  • 3 pounds Flap or skirt  cut steak, I like mine a bit thicker, as your butcher what they prefer and you’ll get the best
  • 2 tbsp  each coriander, black peppercorn, sea salt, red pepper flakes  in a spice grinder or if you are impatient like me in a zip lock back that you pound away on with a hammer.
  • 1/4 c braggs or natural soy sauce
  • 2 cloves garlic chopped as fine as your can get it
  • 2 tbsp olive oil

How to make it

  • put your beef in a big bowl
  • grind (or hammer) your spices and add to bowl with soy sauce, oil and garlic
  • massage spices into meat, grab each piece individually and rub it in
  • cover with plastic and let it marinate for at least 3 hours if not overnight
  • take the bottom rack out of your oven and cover in foil, place in the very bottom rack
  • move other rack to the very top of the oven
  • Take your skewers and pierce the top of the meat and balance it on the rack so the meat is hanging. If you don’t have skewers just hang it over the rack
  • turn your oven to the lowest temperature you have. for me its 175-200 ( my oven runs high)
  • crack open your oven with something so its open about an inch, this will let all the moisture escape
  • let cook until the meat is tough and fat and oil no longer drips off, it takes my oven around 2.5-3 hours. Sample it to see if it’s the right texture for you. I like mine to be still a bit moist and not too tough.
  • store in ziplock bags or mason jars in the fridge ( if you don’t eat it all at once!)

5 thoughts on “Easy all natural oven beef jerky

  1. Try putting some mango or papaya or some citrus in it to sweeten it up too. Those fruits will break down the proteins in the meat a bit too to make it even more tender!

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