Review & giveaway : Hawaiian Spirulina


A couple of months ago I got my hands on some Hawaiian spirulina and I have been waiting to write this review until I started to see results.  I have read some amazing things about the power of spirulina and  here are a few of them:

Spirulina is 65% protein and amino acids including the essential fatty acid gamma linolenic acid, It has a wide variety of nutrients, it is incredibly high in antioxidants, high in calcium and iron, is good for your teeth and can cleanse your body of all the junk you absorb every day!   Fellow health junkie blogger ‘Wellness mama’  goes into great detail of all the great benefits of spirulina HERE.

When I first got my spirulina I admit I thought it smelled ( and let’s face it, tastes) like a fish tank but thankfully the taste and smell is easily masked by anything you add to it. I started off adding it to my smoothies and eggs and once I got used to it I began just mixing it in with my morning juice.

After the first couple weeks I already started to notice a difference. My dry irritated patch of skin that I had for months started to clear up,my nails started growing quicker and I wasn’t so hungry all the time. After a month I had more energy, my hormone swings from just having a baby seemed to be getting better and best of all I noticed I was starting to lose some weight.

I don’t know if I can attribute all  of these health improvements to spirulina alone but I didn’t change my diet, exercise routine nor did I add on any other vitamins or supplements. I for one am a fan of the green stuff and I even started adding it to my kids and dogs food.

Hawaiian spirulina is supposed to have the highest nutritional content of any other spirulina and it is harvested from a bio-secure zone free of herbicides and pesticides.  I have both the powder and pill form for days when I am on the go or not in the mood to eat or drink it.

Nutrex-Hawaii is giving one of you dear readers a chance to try this amazing spirulina.

Winning is easy, just  use this  Entry-Form and follow the easy steps to win!

ends may  8th


4 thoughts on “Review & giveaway : Hawaiian Spirulina

  1. I have had interest in trying this. I like healthy additives like nutritional yeast, chia seeds and flax so this is next on my list to try.

  2. I’ve read about spirulina before and this sounds like a good brand. It’s a healthy product to take and would be very helpful to our healthy way of eating. I have Ulceritive colitis and have it somewhat under control with healthy organic, whole grain eating and this product would be so helpful towards overcoming it completely. And help my family too. I can’t wait to try it

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