Funbites review & giveaway

fun bites   Last month I won something called a funbite. Honestly ,when it arrived I had no idea what it was since I entered  the giveaways  while recovering from wisdom tooth surgery but once I opened the box I knew exactly what it was.

I am a bento addict, I have at least  a hundred pins of cute bento lunches and I can not wait for the kindergarten to start so I can pack my daughter lunches with rice pandas and banana owls and other obnoxiously cute things. Usually I use a knife and cut shapes by hand so when I opened the funbites box and saw  the cutest heart-shaped cutter I squealed with joy.

Funbites is a food cutter designed by a mom of a picky eater and it is designed so even kids can use it. It really is simple to use, press it onto your food, roll back and forth and use their popper top to pop the food out. I have used it on everything from peanut butter and honey sandwiches (pictured above) to pizza and of course I use it regularly for fruit.

This  definitely makes eating a lot more fun for kids and anytime my daughter refuses a new  food I let her use the funbite to cut it into shapes and voila- devoured. After using the heart-shaped for a couple of weeks I contacted funbites to do a giveaway, I loved it so much I wanted to share it with all of you!

Funbites generously sent me the square cutter to try out and although it isn’t cute hearts I think I like this one even better. I love to cut my daughters sandwiches using the square cutter leaving the square hole in the sandwich and I fill it up with heart and square-shaped fruit and veggies.She even eats her crust now!

This is an easy entry giveaway, just comment and tell me how you’d use your funbite if you won and ‘like’ funbites on Facebook, That’s it!

Check out funbites at


9 thoughts on “Funbites review & giveaway

  1. I’m going to have to go with cheese. I would love to cut different cheeses into lots of shapes for parties, or just as fun snacks for the kids.

  2. i would use it for my kids lunches. i have a heart shaped cookie cutter i use already, it’s the perfect size to take the crust off. i love the bite size pieces that fun bites makes. thanks for the chance!

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