Review & giveaway: Really raw honey

raw honey

I have a bee obsession, I always have. Bees are amazing creatures and without them we wouldn’t have  most of our favorite foods..not naturally anyway. Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem and mass-produced honey is putting them in danger.

Local US companies like Really Raw Honey are changing the way people see honey and advocating environmentally sound beekeeping. Not only is their honey pure, unprocessed deliciousness but it has all the good stuff most mass-produced honey manufacturers take out like bee pollen, honeycomb and propolis.

Really raw honey is all natural and harvested by a collective of bee keepers committed to saving the bees. When I opened my jar it was like smelling pure concentrated spring. Raw honey is super creamy and is easily spreadable for sandwiches but I love to add it to smoothies and protein bars, check out one of my recipes HERE.

The flavor of this honey is super rich unlike that of processed honey and you can really taste the wildflowers. IF you want to try Really raw then check out their online store HERE but even if you decide not to buy please try to remember to buy local honey to help save the bees.

Really Raw Honey was generous enough to offer one of you dear readers a jar of this amazing superfood for you to try. Win your jar by following these simple steps:

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2-Check out and comment with something you learned


22 thoughts on “Review & giveaway: Really raw honey

  1. I like you on FB already and this raw honey sounds awesome! It’s pretty crazy what companies pass off as ‘honey’ and this is the real deal! I love the recipe section and I can imagine the fermented honey and berry beve would be super tasty this summer too!

  2. I do buy real honey from Good Earth, the Farmer’s Market, & ONC (when they have it), but I’ve never had honey with comb in it-I didn’t know it was sold that way. I’m curious about what ‘cappings’ are now–the links on the page didn’t work, so I’m looking it up 🙂 I’m already your fan.

  3. I learned that the local beekeepers are the ones who do the packaging, and even their kids are encouraged to help. How cool is that!!

  4. I had no idea that you could ferment honey and I think it’s awesome!! I am going to have to try that out.

    I already like you on FB!

  5. I had no clue that you could ferment honey and how much more amazing local producers are! Looking forward to getting me some of this honey soon!

    I already like you on FB 🙂

  6. I liked you on facebook. I had no idea that the color, flavor and texture of the honey is due to the flower the bee chooses. Plus I thoughtbit was cool that the company started with a bee keeper in upstate ny decades ago

  7. This is pretty cool: “Fermented honey is the Nectar and Ambrosia of the Greek gods and the basic ingredient of Mead, a beverage enjoyed since antiquity.

    With a rich, sharp taste and smell, our fermented honey is soft and frothy. The taste and consistency make it ideal for lemonade or smoothies (see our lemonade recipe). In general, it can be used exactly like our other honeys.

    Moisture and warmth produce fermentation. When the moisture level of the honey is slightly elevated and the temperature is warm, fermentation may occur, due to the enzymes and the yeast in honey. Two main reasons for heating honey in modern times are to stop fermentation and be able to strain it. But fermentation is not harmful. Some people believe that it is more effective for digestion than honey that is not fermented, but we have not seen any documentation to either prove or disprove this theory.

    During the fermentation process the honey can get bubbly and even overspill out of the jar, so keep that in mind when storing.”

  8. I learned about cappings (aka Farmer’s Chewing Gum). I was all wondering why they were selling the Propolis Pieces, and didn’t realize that you can chew on them

  9. i like you on FB. i learned that they ship for free and to preserve the integrity of the honey they do not ship in weather above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 🙂

  10. Really Raw Honey is gathered from fields planted by nature. I wanted to mention that on the podcast What’s With The Drama we talked about raw honey with a natural beauty blogger in our Beauty & Age series (Episode 2) She recommended using raw honey as a facewash, rather than soap, and it does seem to be really working for the skin… skin feels smoother and problem with redness is less. What do you think about this?

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