Easy sprouts in 3 days

easy sprouts

My friend Kristin recently reminded me how much I love sprouts  when she showed me this video.  It’s been almost a year since I have sprouted anything so I got right to work making my 4 favorite sprouts-  quinoa, chick pea, lentil and mung bean. Sprouts are so yummy and easy to make at home and the best part is all the health benefits they have.

In only 3 days you can have fresh and yummy sprouts without worrying about what got sprayed on them to keep them fresh at the grocery store. These sprouts take  just 3 days and only a bit longer if you want them to be bigger. All you need are a few items you probably already have, some grains, seeds or beans and some water.

This week I will be featuring some yummy recipes using my fresh sprouts so stay tuned to check them out!

What you need

  • mason jars
  • cheese cloth, thin cloth or mesh
  • rubber band or jar lid band
  • bowls or dish rack
  • grains, seeds or legumes- you can find many varieties in the Winco bulk bins!

How to make it

  • put a few tablespoons (no more than 1/4 c) of your seed/grain/legume in a mason jar
  • put cheese cloth or mesh on top
  • secure with jar band or rubber band
  • rinse grains once then fill with water
  • let soak overnight up to 8 hours
  • drain water
  • rinse and drain
  • rinse and drain a few times a day until your sprouts are as long as you want it
  • in 3 days you should have nice sprouts!
  • store in the fridge and use within a few days

6 thoughts on “Easy sprouts in 3 days

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    • you only have to rise a few times , whenever you walk in the kitchen. You’d have to forget about them for a while before they were ruined. and you can reuse the jar 🙂

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  3. I’ve never tried making sprouts before, what a great idea. What have you sproutes in the photo? It looks like chick peas, maybe split peas and ???

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