The organic whey: review & giveaway!

theorganicwhey-1_5lbs_pouch-nutrition_factsOn my quest to find the perfect protein powder I finally found my match. My husband buys several kinds of protein powders and although he loved them all I just can’t seem to stomach them. My biggest concern was the long list of ingredients, additives and flavorings but finally I found a protein powder  that is JUST protein.

I need protein powders in my diet for one reason alone, breast milk. After I got pregnant meat just was not appetizing for me and now I only occasionally eat turkey, chicken or fish but not enough to get the protein I need to keep my milk supply up.

I found out about The Organic whey protein from a friend who said it had absolutely no flavor whatsoever. I had my doubts and even after sampling it I wanted to try it out for myself. The organic whey sent  some to try,  and I was not disappointed  There really is  no flavor whatsoever so you can add it to any shake, smoothie or recipe and it  will be full of protein without a strange flavor.

The best part of The organic whey is that it is 100% organic and all natural, even their cows are raised on a crop cooperative farm where they are  grass-fed on  a large pasture and you can even read about their farmers HERE.

Check out my yummy recipe HERE

The Organic whey has generously offered to give one reader a package for themselves! !To enter giveaway for 1 package of Organic whey protein powder  do one or all of the following

1-‘like’ mama mousethe organic whey on FB and let them know mama mouse sent you!

2- comment on this post and let me know how you’d use your protein powder

3-comment on another recipe post , put “giveaway comment” at the end

That’s it! good luck! ends 3/25


28 thoughts on “The organic whey: review & giveaway!

  1. Liked ALL the pages 🙂
    I would use the protein powder to help me stick to my diet and become more healthy. I have a hard time eating the best in the morning and like you can’t really stomach normal whey protein because of the taste! I would love to try this powder to improve my health and subsequently my roommates health because they eat whatever I make in the mornings!

  2. I would add this to milk with stevia after my workout, or into the egg mixture when making french toast in morning. Thanks!

  3. I have liked both pages! 🙂 I think I’ll use the powder to make your recipe as well as in smoothies and other sweets. I know how important it is for women to get protein intake, and since I don’t eat a lot of meats, this would be great!

  4. just commented on your egg and chard recipe! I just found you and have lots of new food inspiration so thank you! Thanks for the giveaway too 🙂

  5. I would love to try your honey and PB recipe! And I’d use it for smoothies too. I like that its flavorless so your options aren’t limited like with flavored proteins.

  6. Whey protein powder is important for those who take bodybuilding seriously. It helps towards muscle growth and repair after a workout, and has many beneficial properties included. There are so many brands of Whey protein powder on the market today. Whey, in simple terms, is a byproduct of cheese processing. Now, as milk is a rich source of protein, this residue from the cheese processing procedure is incredibly rich with protein, making it an ideal raw material for making protein powder.

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