Grandway review & discount


I recently partnered up with Grandway to review some of their fantastic products.WE did a review and giveaway over at Indie Ogden not too long ago so when the opportunity came up for a few bloggers to  try out some more of their products I made sure I got a spot. Grandway is an awesome company for many reasons and they are so much more than just a cute apron company.

Some of Grandway products are made in Honduras and offers employment opportunities to women and  those with special needs giving them a chance to  have a stable income in a place where jobs are rare.  Grandway also picks one  family or individual who has an urgent need  to perform a humanitarian project for each month using profits from sales.

I am excited to say that Grandway is now looking to open a sewing facility right here in Utah as well! Utah has been hit hard with unemployment lately and  this new sewing facility is going to have a big impact on local families; this is just another reason why you should support this awesome company!

Now on to the review! Inside my adorable package tied with a purple bow were 2 oil cloth aprons, 2 cotton aprons, oven mitts, dish gloves,  a magnetic key finder, a dry cleaning/laundry bag and a luggage tag.  Whew, so much cute!

As someone who gets pretty messy in the kitchen I was most excited about the oil cloth aprons. You probably recognize oil cloth mainly as a tablecloth or picnic blanket but as Grandway has shown they also make great aprons. The oilcloth aprons come with 4 pockets and are adjustable to just about any size. These aprons would be great for gardening, cooking , hair and clothing dying and even art projects. The best part of them is that they easily wipe clean with just a little water which means a lot less clean up after a messy project. They are discontinuing these rad aprons so get them while you can! 

The cloth aprons are my new favorite thing, the cutest aprons I have ever worn. It is really hard to feel adorable when you are cleaning or cooking up a storm but these aprons do the trick.  The size is adjustable to just about any size and  there is a big pocket to put your gloves or kitchen tools in.  Grandway has a wide selection of patterns and styles for you to choose from and none of them are even close to boring. Their oven mitts come in just as many patterns to match their aprons and can withstand quite high heats, even a 500 degree casserole bubbling hot out the oven!

As someone with sensitive skin I often have to use those hideous yellow cleaning gloves and when not in use I stash them away where no one can see. Grandway dish gloves are stylish and come in cute colors and I wanted to display them for all to see. Luckily they also sent me a magnetic key finder and since I happen to have magnetic cabinets I used this bedazzled clover to keep my gloves right next to the sink. You could probably even use this magnet on clothing as a pin that wont ruin your dress a well.

I have yet to use the luggage tag or laundry bag but I am taking a trip this summer and know they will come in handy.

Head over to  and check out all their products and use the code “INDIE” for 10% off one apron!


**full disclosure: I was given a product used in this post. I was in no way obligated to use the product or review it. I only use products I love, trust  and have tested.


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