Popcorn: Honey &curry, molasses & cinnamon, nutritional yeast, sriracha & lime

I Love popcorn, no I REALLY  love popcorn. I buy it so often that while I was browsing the produce section during my last grocery trip an employee stopped to let me know they were out but would be getting a shipment in soon. This incident wouldn’t be strange except that I never asked her, she just knew. I have a problem but at least it is a delicious one.

Eating popcorn so often can become boring so I try to experiment with popcorn flavors. Popcorn can be made virtually any way, I even eat it as cereal some mornings by adding a bit of milk and honey to plain  popcorn. Here are 4 of my favorite recipes for you to try,  and although some may seem strange you just have to trust me, they are delicious!


Curry & Honey 

  • Coconut oil
  • Curry powder
  • Honey


Melt coconut oil and drizzle on a bowl of popcorn , shake bowl to distribute oil. Sprinkly with curry powder and honey and shake the bowl again.


Molasses & Cinnamon

  • Butter or margarine
  • molasses
  • cinnamon
  • vanilla


Melt butter and drizzle on popcorn. Mix 2 tbsp of vanilla with 6 tablespoons of molasses and drizzle on popcorn. Sprinkle cinnamon and shake bowl to distribute.


Nutritional Yeast


Melt butter and drizzle on popcorn. sprinkle with sea salt and a generous heap of nutritional yeast. Shake bowl to distribute.


Sriracha & Lime


Sprinkle lime juice on popcorn while shaking bowl. Drizzle sriracha on popcorn and top with a sprinkle on salt.


10 thoughts on “Popcorn: Honey &curry, molasses & cinnamon, nutritional yeast, sriracha & lime

  1. Molasses is my absolute favorite! I never thought to put it on popcorn, so that is on my to cook list for sure! I have been on the look out for blackstrap molasses here in Ogden, instead of just the Brer Rabbit (Winco) and Grandma (everywhere else) regular stuff. If you run across it, please tell me!

    • oh gosh me too! The Winco stuff just has NO flavor! I will let you know when I find it. I am pretty sure I saw some black strap at Kitchen Kneads but i havent been there in a while.

      Have you tried making “chocolate milk: with it? I trick my kiddos into thinking they are getting a super sugary treat by making molasses milk instead of chocolate milk, its so yummy!

  2. What interesting ways to zip up regular old popcorn! I’ll try these!

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  3. These look great. I especially like the molasses and cinnamon idea. I usually do just boring butter and salt or some olive oil and garlic salt.

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